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This page describes where to find topics on this website. See features and operation for descriptions of how the website operates.

Pages are listed and organised in one of the several main pages. Important links are shown at the left side of every page.

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In the order of the links in the left hand side main menu.

Home The entry page if no other specific link is used. Click on the Club logo.

Fishing About the Club's fishing activities and competitions.

Dry casting About the Club's dry casting activities and competitions.

Membership How to join the club, costs and conditions.

Rules and history The rules for running the club, fishing and dry casting competitions, and history of the Club.

Magazine The Club's monthly Reel Talk newsletters written for club members are published here.

Meetings Details of Club's General and Committee meetings.

Photos and movies Photo, albums and movies from club's fishing field days, drycasting days and social events.

Hints and tips Fishing and casting hints and tips from the fishing and casting experts of the Club.

Contact us How to contact the Surf Casting and Angling Club.

Other pages

These will be linked on some other pages.

Search How to search this website for words or phrases to help you find what you are looking for.

What's new? A full and progressive listing of what is new on this website.

Site map This site map.

Features and operation How this web site works and a list of features.

Social Club social activities.

Safari Club "Safaris", extended fishing trips to fabulous fishing places further away from Perth.

Members' stories Members' stories of fishing and other trips.

Submissions Submissions by the Club on some important matters about recreational fishing.

Links Some links to other interesting and useful web sites.

Come to some Club events as a visitor, to our monthly dry casting mornings, fishing trips or general meetings. Read more

Come to a Club event to meet us, then fill out and send us an application for membership plus the nomination fee. The form needs to be signed by you and two financial Club members. Read more