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The Club welcomes visitors to our events. Come as a visitor to meet Club members and see if the Club's activities are what you are looking for, and if you would fit in. Please see disclaimer below.

Come to one of our monthly fishing trips (read more), General meetings (read more) or dry casting mornings (read more)

We require that you contact us before the event to let us confirm your invitation, and we ask you to let us know how to contact you in case of any changes.

You may join us in our competitions either as a competitor, or just as an observer, or to get some help.

If you join our competitions on the day and pay the fee, any points you score will be credited to you if you join the Club.

There is a limit on the number of events you can attend before you need to make your decision about joining the Club, however there are some exceptions. Contact us for details.

You normally need to provide your own transport to the events, accommodation and equipment for camping and fishing, etc. Loan equipment, shared accommodation, transport and/or traveling in convoy with other Club members may be possible at times however this is mostly a private arrangement.

Come to a Club event to meet us and make sure you are happy with how the club suits your needs, then fill out and send us the membership application form. Read more


The Club is run by member volunteers. Members attend Club events for their own purposes, including competing in the event and managing the event.

At some times there may not be enough volunteers to help you, particularly if you come without first advising us.

The amount of help provided and access to or use of any Club or members' property is at the sole discretion of the Club and members.

The Club will always give as much help as possible in the circumstances on the day, and may arrange other times at mutual convenience.

The Club expects all visitors to fully cooperate with the Club officials and members, comply with the rules and arrangements for the event, and behave in a safe and socially acceptable manner at all times.