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Photos, photo albums and movies on this site will be rearranged and updated, and will use this page as the main access point.

Club and members' photos

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Photo albums

Fishing Rottnest Island

Wagoe , Wagoe #2

Bluff Creek 2006 , Bluff Creek 2007 , Bluff Creek 2008

Rottnest , Cervantes , Yanchep

Dry Casting October 2010 , Dry Casting December 2010 , Dry Casting July 2012

2009/10 Presentation night , 2011/12 Presentation night , 2012/13 Presentation night


Dry casting movie clips set 1

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Come to some Club events as a visitor, to our monthly dry casting mornings, fishing trips or general meetings. Read more

Come to a Club event to meet us, then fill out and send us an application for membership plus the nomination fee. The form needs to be signed by you and two financial Club members. Read more