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Fishing and fishing competitions

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The club holds fishing field days from Kalbarri in the north to Bremer Bay on the south coast, including Rottnest and many places in between. Usually the field days further from Perth are held over a long weekend.

A local Perth metropolitan area fishing field day is held each month for members who cannot go on the trip away. Local field days are run every month except when the main venue includes the metro area.

Local boundaries are to be decided at the General Meeting before the Field Day, including the Swan River, the North and South Moles at Fremantle and all the top surf beaches, reef, jetty, rock and rock wall fishing spots in the metropolitan area.

Some members make up a group of members and friends and go fishing locally for a few hours when they can get away between the fishing start time on Saturday and the weigh in time on the Sunday or the Monday.

This is a great way to be involved even when you can't spare all the time for a trip away. There have been some great fish caught by people who have had only a few hours to spare from the other things they have to fit into their lives.

Fishing Field Days are run under the Club's fishing competition rules and the Club's code of ethics. These promote and encourage responsible fishing including catch and release fishing.

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Fishing field days

See the latest issue of the Club magazine Reel Talk for full details of the next fishing field days, the magazine also has reports of revious fishing feld days.

Fishing Competitions

The Club runs a fishing competition every month during each competition year which runs from 1 May to 30 April.

There are awards for the best catches of fish on fishing field days during the competition year. See section 2.3.8

The Open Competition is for catches of fish made on days other than Club fishing field days. See section 4.12

A member who catches a recognised Game Fish will qualify for a Game Fish badge. See section 4.11

A member who catches a fish whose weight is a multiple of the breaking strain of the line qualifies for a Line Ratio Badge, 2 to 1 ratio, 3 to 1 ratio, 4 to 1 ratio, etc.

Completion of a Fishing competition application form is required for some competitions.

The Club keeps a list of Club fishing records for fish caught by members. See also Policy - Recognition of Club records

The Club also keeps a list of the State Fishing Records. State fishing records

The Club also keeps a list of the AAA National Fishing Records. AAA National fishing records