Surf Casting and Angling Club of WA (Inc.)

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The Club is an Incorporated body, managed by a Committee following the rules set out in the Club's Constitution.

We ask our members to follow the Club's Code of ethics, which gives a guide to doing the right thing when fishing, traveling, camping, etc. There's nothing hard for you to do there, just things we are sure you would like everyone else to do too.

Benefits of Club membership

Learn where, when and how to catch fish from the shore, under all conditions.

Learn what gear, rods, reels, lines, rigs and baits or lures to use for different fish species and conditions.

Learn how to cast good distances and accurately.

Enjoy the company of friendly, knowledgeable and experienced fishers and casters.

Lots of "how to" hints and tips from Club members.

Competing in State fishing and dry casting events.

Receive the monthly Club magazine Reel Talk

When you join the club, you will be helped by one or more of the experienced club members, who will introduce you to members at a General meeting; at a Dry casting day, where training is available as covered in the Dry casting pages, and arrange for a time to talk to you about any aspect of fishing you would like some help with, in particular to set you up to go on a fishing field day.

Come to some Club events as a visitor, to one of our monthly general meetings, dry casting mornings or fishing trips.

Membership fees

Annual membership fees cover from 1 July to 30 June. Fees for new memberships don't need to be paid until you have been advised your application has been approved.

Membership type Annual membership
fee 2022/23
Single adult membership. $50
Concession membership, for member 60 years or over. Conditions apply, contact the Club for details. $50
Family membership, includes partner and dependent children. Conditions apply, contact the Club for details. $50
Concession family membership, for member 60 years or over. Conditions apply, contact the Club for details. $50
Independent Junior membership, see Policy $50
Associate membership. Conditions apply, contact the Club for details. $50

The Club has a Policy on unaccompanied juniors attending Club events for the protection of both the children and our Club members.

New memberships

Come to a Club event to meet us and make sure you are happy with how the club suits your needs, then fill out and send us the membership application form. Once you are a member, you are entitled to all the benefits of membership, including to receive points for competing in the Clubs competitions and a copy of the Club magazine Teel Talk emailed to you.


Payment may be made by cash at a Club event, by cheque or money order in person or posted to the Club's postal address, or by direct credit to the Club's bank account as provided to you in correspondence. Contact the Club for more details.

Renewal of existing membership

Membership fees for renewals of existing memberships become due on 1 July, as advised in the Club magazine.