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Dry casting

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Dry Casting is long distance casting and accuracy casting with double handed and single handed fishing rods on a grassed area, where conditions are easier and the distances and the accuracy can be measured, unlike when casting into the water where these can't be measured.

Why dry casting is important

Dry casting is an enjoyable sport, but most importantly, it is a means of learning and practicing the casting skills which will make you a much more successful angler when you go fishing, because you will be able to cast long distances and cast accurately.

We've all met the difficult situations where the water is rough, the wind is strong in your face or coming from one side, you need to land the sinker in a sand hole near reefs, cast a bait in front of a school of fish, avoid tangling with the person next to you, the person next to you is casting a bit further and catching all the fish, and so on. With the right gear and skills, you can fish almost anywhere and in almost any conditions.

You don't need any special gear to start dry casting. Many people use their regular fishing gear, particularly for the accuracy casting.

Distance casting

The club's distance casting is with "level line", which means the same breaking strain line is used right down to the casting weight, and strong shock leaders are not used. Any breaking strain line can be used, but lighter line means longer casts. Level line promotes the development of technique and a smooth casting style, while shock leaders allow much heavier weights and the caster's strength to be used more.

Weight categories are up to 56 gram (2 ounce), up to 112 gram (4 ounce) with Artificial Bait, and up to 112 gram. Artificial Bait includes a length of wooden dowel to give wind resistance like a bait. Rigs used are shown in dry casting rigs

Distance casting is into a "V" shaped lane, so still needs to have some accuracy. The distance is measured to the point where the weight finishes within the "V" shaped lane.

Accuracy casting

The double handed accuracy target is a cone placed at four different distances ranging from 30 to 88 metres for men, 30 to 61 metres for Ladies, Juniors and Veterans, and 20 to 36 metres for Mini Juniors.

Two casts are made at each of the four different distances. Scoring is based on the distance the casts land away from the target.

Single handed accuracy casting uses a rod which is held in one hand. The target is a cone placed at two different distances ranging from 20 to 40 metres for men, 20 to 30 metres for Ladies, Juniors and Veterans, and less for Mini Juniors.

Two casts are made at each of the two different distances. Scoring is based on the distance the casts land away from the target

Rules and age categories

Dry Casting is run under the Club's competition rules and the Club's code of ethics.

Dry casting competitions have sections for Mini Juniors (up to 12 years), Juniors (12 to 16 years), Senior Men, Veterans (men over 60 years) and Women.

Can you cast 100 metres? You can do it easily with help from us. An 12 year old Mini junior member set casting records of 105.46 metres for 112 gram, 98.04 metres for 56 gram, and 85 out of 100 for accuracy.

The Surf Casting and Angling Club has dry casting every month. Members of the fishing public who would like to see how it is possible to cast such long distances, and also how to cast accurately, please contact us about coming to a dry casting day as a visitor. (Some conditions apply.)

We can show you how to get the best out of your own fishing gear if you would like to bring it along. We can give advice on different rods and reels and show how these can go together.

We can let you try out casting with different rod and reel combinations to find one that suits your fishing needs and your size and physical strength. This is important for the ladies and juniors, and those of us who aren't as young as we used to be.

Our visitors always get a lot of useful and practical tips, and often add ten to thirty metres to their casts on the first day - and, no, we don't catch many fish at drycasting, but those skills certainly help when we go fishing.

Please cast safely. Lead weights and people don't mix !

Casting records

Check the Club, State and National Dry casting records

Come to a Club event to meet us, then fill out and send us an application for membership plus the nomination fee. The form needs to be signed by you and two financial Club members. Read more