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The Club is an Incorporated body, managed by a Committee following the rules set out in the Club's Constitution.

We ask our members and visitors to follow the Club's Code of ethics, which gives a guide to doing the right thing when fishing, traveling, camping, etc. There's nothing too hard for you to do there, just things we are sure you would like everyone else to do too. Even though these are easy, they are very important.

Rules of Association (Constitution)

A certified paper copy dated 30 September 2009 of the Club Constitution as currently registered with Consumer Protection Division of the WA Department of Commerce has been scanned to a PDF version. Registered current Constitution of the Surf Casting and Angling Club of WA (Inc)


Committee members for each year are listed in the latest issue of the Club magazine Reel Talk

The List of Club Office Bearers and Committee from 1952 to the present time is regularly updated with the most recent changes at the elections held at the Annual General Meeting each year.

Competition rules

The fishing and drycasting activities and competitions are run under a set of Competition rules which give the details of what competitions are run and the rules for running them.

Catches at the monthly fishing field days are recorded by the organiser and points calculated. Winners of these fishing competitions are recorded in each month's Reel Talk

Entries in some of the other fishing competitions and for some records need a completed Fishing competition application form which is available here with the details.

Dry casting is cast at an Club, State or National event, and the information from those will be used by the Club Recorder to update and allocate points scored and any Club records.

The Sportsperson of the Year is the Club's major overall award. Winners of Sportsperson of the Year from 1959 onwards.


The Club keeps a list of Club fishing records for fish caught by members at Club fishing days, or entered by members, and Club Dry casting records as above.

Completion of a Fishing competition application form is required for some competitions.

Club policies, forms and documents are available from the Policies, forms and reference documents page

Club history

Some years ago, a summary of the Club's History up to 1994 was prepared by one of our members.

Over 60 years of Club history is held in the several hundred issues of the Club magazines in the Reel Talk page.

Come to some Club events as a visitor, to our monthly dry casting mornings, fishing trips or general meetings. Read more

Come to a Club event to meet us, then fill out and send us an application for membership plus the nomination fee. The form needs to be signed by you and two financial Club members. Read more