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Website features and operation

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Features and operation of this web site.

Updated layout

The layout and contents of this website are being progressively updated, commencing August 2013. Pages on this website have one of two consistent layouts, with appearance and features as listed here, and following many familiar website conventions and standards.

Operation using Internet Explorer

The site has been redesigned to operate in modern browsers and uses some definitions from CSS version 3. Layout and operation has been checked to be correct or useable in versions of Internet Explorer as follows:

Internet Explorer 10. All features operate as designed.

Internet Explorer 9, 8 and obsolete version 7. Page layout, resizing and operation are as designed but some minor visual features are not supported by these versions and do not display.

Internet Explorer 6 (obsolete version). Page resizing and printing did not work as designed for modern browsers. The pages have been made fixed width and now display without problems. Printing should choose the Landscape mode.

Earlier version pages operate identically in all versions of Internet Explorer and other browsers.

Operation using other browsers

Other mainstream modern browsers are free and are regularly updated. The operation has been tested in the latest versions of Firefox, Safari for Windows, Opera and Google Chrome at August 2013.


Links on a page are underlined and visible. Underlining is not used except for links.

Links which have not yet been used are underlined and coloured a shade of blue. Links which have been used change to the colour purple. Active links are coloured red. These links change back to blue when you clear your browsing history.

As the mouse cursor moves over a link, the background changes to a light green colour, or cyan colour in earlier pages.

Some images will also act as links. Every image which is also a link will also have the link description in underlined words near the image.

Rearrangements of external websites may remove or change some external links. All links used are checked from time to time and updated or removed.

Browser windows and tabs

When you click on a link, all links to pages on this Surfcasters' website will open in the same browser window or tab currently being used.

When you click on a link to an external website, these open in a new window or tab. In some cases, this is shown by the words "(link opens in a new window)" next to the link.

Window size and content width

The left column containing the internal links is a fixed width. The main content panel is variable width between set maximum and minimum. The website allows the user to adjust the overall width of the window and still see all of the contents of the page. Narrow windows may require some horizontal scrolling.

The obsolete version 6 of Internet Explorer has a fixed width display.

Font and font size

All pages use the same font in the same sizes for the same type of content. The website allows the user to increase or reduce the size of the displayed fonts and images using the standard features provided by browsers.

Age of the information on the page

All pages show when the contents were last updated. Formatting and layout changes and minor corrections are not usually listed.

Date layout

Most dates used show the month as a word or abbreviation. Any numeric dates will be in the conventional Australian format order of dd/mm/yyyy or d/m/yyyy, meaning day/month/year.

PDF and other files

Internal and external PDF links nominate "the same" or "a new" tab or window as above, but the actual display result will be decided by the settings in your browser and PDF reader program.

Printing of pages

The web site has print settings to change the formatting and to print only the important content required in a printed version.

The essential contents will print full width in both portrait or landscape A4 page layout at the "shrink to fit" setting available in modern browsers.

Printing in Internet Explorer 6 should use landscape mode due to the poor control of printing width in that obsolete browser.

Background colours and link menus from the left hand column are not printed.

Some larger images may require printing in landscape format and/or at a reduced percentage, a feature of recent browsers.


This website uses some Javascript, but generally does not require Javascript to be enabled. Some photo albums may not display as designed without Javascript.

Privacy, cookies and counters

The website pages use access tools which record information for monitoring of website page popularity and usage, website management, research and development. The information collected includes the Internet address of the computer accessing the website, but this requires additional information not available to the Surf Casting and Angling Club before it could be used to identify any individual computer or user.

The Surf Casting and Angling Club does not collect personal information about people who browse the Surf Casting and Angling Club website. The website does not collect personal information through the use of cookies or any other information collection technologies which identifies individuals.

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